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A Painted Door Mat

The unofficial start of summer is here, FINALLY!! 
I am excited to be able to be outside in the yard and the weather has sparked my creativity again!! Yippee!!
 I went to the Dollar Tree this week and bought this rug.

It was not very pretty and I thought it needed something.
So I grabbed my paints and some clip art, and my projector.
I taped the rug to the wall and projected the image I had chosen on the rug. 
I traced it out on the rug with a marker, then painted it with acrylic paints.
Here is what it looks like!
Awesome!! : )
(My kitty helper in the corner, she is always willing to give a helping paw!)

I love the way it turned out, especially for $1.00 you just can't go wrong!
I may just have to try a few more!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!


  1. Your painted door mat looks terrific.


  2. I think it turned out great Jan! I love it!!!


  3. I love your painted rug! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. So simple but so cool! I've also painted on the back of vinyl flooring. Cheap...just prime and go!!

  5. Great job! I have been looking for PLAIN door mats...I will be heading to the Dollar Tree this morning.


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