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Ending Our Elementary Years......

My oldest son Zachary will be graduating 8th grade on June 22nd (OMG)
High school is just a few months away.........
I am full of all sorts of strange emotions, he is growing up so fast.
(Where does the time go.....)
He is 14 going on 40 I swear. He has turned into an amazing young man.
(I don't say this because he is mine either..lol)
He just truly is....since the day he was born.
He slept through the night from day one,walked at 9 months and
potty trained by 2! He was just the best baby never cried or whined
always happy and smiling. I could and did take him anywhere and everywhere.
He has signed up to do an internship this summer at a very reputable equine clinic
and got the position. He rides his horses nearly everyday and does shows and
competitions and just loves anything that has to do with horses.

Today he is in Boston, Massachusetts for his class trip.
They will be going on the DUCK tour
The Duck Tour , which sounds AWESOME!!
Then his group will be going to the New England Aquarium and
Hard Rock Cafe for lunch and some shopping.
After, the whole grade meets again and is going to see Blue Man Group!!
Then dinner at Fire & Ice and dessert in the North End Of Boston!
What a lucky little guy he is today!! I bet they are going to have a great time!!
I can not wait until he gets home tonight (they won't be home till midnight...AHH)!

I also am happy to annouce I also graduate this month,
I will have my Associates Degree in Business Management!
One long road finally coming to an end,
we will be having a party to celebrate both graduations!!

I hope you all are having a great spring/summer so far =)

A Painted Door Mat

The unofficial start of summer is here, FINALLY!! 
I am excited to be able to be outside in the yard and the weather has sparked my creativity again!! Yippee!!
 I went to the Dollar Tree this week and bought this rug.

It was not very pretty and I thought it needed something.
So I grabbed my paints and some clip art, and my projector.
I taped the rug to the wall and projected the image I had chosen on the rug. 
I traced it out on the rug with a marker, then painted it with acrylic paints.
Here is what it looks like!
Awesome!! : )
(My kitty helper in the corner, she is always willing to give a helping paw!)

I love the way it turned out, especially for $1.00 you just can't go wrong!
I may just have to try a few more!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

Every Man Should Read This!

Found this today and thought it was super funny!
Only if all men could read this....
I use all of these and could add to this! LOL


Happy Mothers Day!

I wish you all a Happy Mothers Day!

Have A Great Day!

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