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Dumpster Diving Tips!

Dumpster Diving Tips!

A friend of mine found this and I just had to share!
My friends call me The Dumpster Diva!
I think most would be offended by that name,
I wear it with pride lol!!

Do you dare to dumpster dive? You have heard folks talk about it, so now you want to read more about it. Let's begin with are you willing?

Scenario 1:
You are driving down the street and see a perfectly good object on the curbside.
Are you willing to stop and toss it in the trunk?

Scenario 2:
Your neighbors toss out their newspapers in the recycle bin.
Are you willing to pick up extra coupon inserts from their bins?

Scenario 3:
You are bored one night and looking for something fun to do.
Are you willing to venture into dumpster diving for cheap entertainment?

If you are still reading this, you have either done this before, or are considering trying it out.

Here are some tips:

What to bring:
Comfortable clothes
Baby wipes
Milk crate (for stepping stool)
Pocket knife
Grocery bags/trash bags
Large enough vehicle (don't want to find you don't have enough space for your stash)
First aid kit
Unger or poking stick

When to dive:

Each person has their own preferable time to dive,
but I recommend early morning or late night.
Don't dive after midnight to avoid confrontations.
Dive consistently.
Remember, you may not find something each time you go.
It's the thrill of the hunt.
You never know when a dive will be a lucky one.

Where to dive:

You can start by mapping out or scoping the following areas-

Thrift stores
Strip malls
Grocery stores
Department stores
Residential (apartment/condo)
Video stores
Toy stores
Electronic stores
Craft stores
Recycle bins

What to do if confronted:

It's a good idea to say that you are looking for boxes.
Most store personnel are more concerned with you dumping your trash
into their dumpster vs. taking items from their dumpster.
This is not the time to be defensive.
Be polite and leave as soon as possible.
If you know your area's law, then you can always come back later.
You may want to consider not diving in your immediate area,
if you are concerned about being recognized.

Is it illegal:

You can check for your local area ordinances or call your police department to inquire.
Most areas consider trash public domain.
 Be sure to check that it is not a breach of privacy in your area.
Do not dive in fenced area dumpsters or
where any do not trespass signs are posted.

How long per dive:
Do not dive in one dumpster over ten minutes.
The longer you are there, the higher your chances are for being confronted.
Be as quick as possible.
Be discreet.
Keep in mind small things like
not parking your car directly next to the dumpster.

Well, now that we are educated on how
to dumpster dive. Let's Go!!
I say there is nothing better than dumpster diving,
and curb shopping! It is amazing what you'll find!
One Mans Trash Is Anothers Treasure!

Thank you Deb for being my one follower!! lol

This Article Was Found At:
Frugal Village


  1. Hi! I am all for picking up road-kill (what we lovingly refer to as curbside objects) I embarrass my kids all the time... but I don't think I would get IN the dumpster. Nice to have some tips though. Should I ever, you know, dive.

  2. Hi Jan,
    I don't think I'll be dumpster diving, but wish I had the nerve to stop along the road when I see something for the garbageman that I would like to have. I did however do that one time, only because they were my mother's neighbors. I got a play dollhouse and turtle sandbox for my granddaughter!!!


  3. Hi Jan! I follow your other blog so I thought I'd check this one out too & low & behold you were talking about one of my fav things! lol I don't actually "dumpster dive" per say but I love to stop & pick up new treasures whenever I can! I am constantly embarassing my hubby - while my son cheers me on out the back window! Looking forward to your next post!
    Have a great week! Hope you find some "goodies" on the side of the road or dumpster!

  4. Hello,

    Thank you for following my new blog! I know many people are afraid to dumpster dive, which I understand cause the thought just sounds gross lol! I have only dumpster dove into dumpsters that do not contain "trash". The dumpsters I did go in were a furniture store, craft store, and a gift shop. These places all had items that were a litle broken or scratched or out of season etc. That they just threw out...I can not believe they do that!! I am more of a curb or thrift store shopper than I am a dumpster diver! =) I just thought the article was cute and very funny how they explained it and if you have done it, it is even funnier lol!
    Thank you for stopping by, I love reading comments!!

  5. Cool Jan, now I'm ready to arm hubby with this list and make him hit the bricks. Thanks!


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